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Heating Repair & Installation

At Free Air Mechanical, we also offer full services for heaters and have years of experience in heating repairs, maintenance and heater installation.

Although Escondido and the surrounding regions are blessed with warm weather year around, sometimes winds and cooler temperatures do require you to turn on the heat just a bit, especially in the evenings. Your heater requires the same maintenance as your AC units and generally the same problems that arise with air conditioning can also be experienced with heaters.


When To Call Us for Thermostat and Heater Repair

There are many signs you can observe that will tell you when to call an HVAC professional. These include but are not limited to:

  • Your heater is not working at all
  • Odd smell is coming from your heater
  • You can’t get the thermostat to stay at a high enough temperature or your desired temperature
  • Strange noises are coming from the heater
  • Your electrical bill when you use the heat is much higher than it should be
Heater Repair Escondido

While these are the most common and obvious signs, there may also be other subtle signs that your heater needs service. We advise you that the moment you feel something is off you give us a call. If you do not act in a timely manner, you can experience bad air quality, high electrical bills or a complete heater breakdown. Calling us, you have nothing to lose because we offer free estimates.

Heater Installation

For those customers who may need heater installation, we can help. We service all types heater problems as well as full installation for both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you need to replace an existing heater or you are just installing one for the first time, you can absolutely rely on us and our expertise. Since 2001, we have been installing and servicing all types of heaters in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Heater brand new install

We can assure you that our skilled technicians are trained in all types of heating systems, including furnaces, heating pumps, boilers, ductless systems and more. We also service and install all types of models and are extremely familiar with the different types of heaters as well as we can advise you which one may be best for you and your unique needs.

In addition to installation, we can also help you with any of the following:

  • New heating system installation
  • Full service for heaters and thermostats
  • Heating maintenance and safety check for your existing and new heater
  • Thermostat installation and service
  • Duct services, including duct cleaning

Trusted Heater Installation Services from a Top-Notch Team

We have successfully replaced hundreds of heaters and thermostats in Escondido and the surrounding areas. When you work with our experienced and manufacturer-trained heating services team, you can rest peacefully knowing you are in good hands.

So please give us a call when you feel you need help with your heater, especially a new installation. We will make sure that we evaluate your needs as well as the space that needs to be heated and advise you which heater is the best option for you based on your unique needs and budget.